Camosun Bog Restoration


Camosun Bog is a rare and beautiful ecosystem. It was nearly lost due to damage caused by human activity. Now, through the constructive intervention by volunteers, work is being done to restore and save it.

Camosun Bog Restoration Group

The Camosun Boggers (Camosun Bog Restoration Group) is made up of  nature lovers with diverse backgrounds, ranging in age from 5 to 91.

We started our work in 1995 and so far have put in 45000 hours restoring the bog. We meet every Saturday year round unless there is heavy rain or snow and we work from about 9:30 till 11:30am followed by our tea break. We have built a high degree of trust and respect in our group and all our decisions are made by consensus. Above all we have a lot of fun.

We are a constituent group of the Pacific Spirit Park Society and work closely with Metro Vancouver park management to achieve our vision of the restoration of Camosun Bog. We focus on research, planning and promotion of the bog, as well as ongoing restoration work.

We would welcome new volunteers who are prepared to make an on-going commitment to our work. Please check with the volunteer coordinator of the Pacific Spirit Park before coming and be sure to wear old clothes as it can get muddy. We provide work gloves and all tools.